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À signaler : "French Colonial Trade Patterns : European Settlement" par Cristina Terra et Tania El Kallab (Document de travail THEMA)

Le 19 novembre 2014 à 16h39

Vient d’être mis en ligne (octobre 2014) le Document de Travail "French Colonial Trade Patterns : European Settlement" (ou sur notre site) rédigé par Cristina Terra et Tania El Kallab (Université de Cergy-Pontoise, THEMA-Théorie Économique, Modélisation et Application). THEMA Working Paper n° 2014-27.

"We investigate how the colonial strategy through the settlement decision aected French trade patterns. In this regard, we construct a new database relying on various primary histori- cal sources containing information on the value of French sectoral trade between 1880 and 1913. Our results show that French colonies with more European settlements traded more with France, whereas the opposite is true for other colonies. We also investigate two channels through which European settlements might have aected the French trade pattern with colonies : institutions and networking. We nd that better institutions brought by European settlements had a nega- tive impact on trade with French colonies, while it promoted trade with British colonies. These results are consistent with the extractive nature of French trade relations with its colonies. As for networking, it increases overall French trade within French colonies but reduces it in other colonies."
Keywords : European Settlement, Institutions, Networking, Trade, Colonization

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