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Paru récemment Banking and Finance in the Mediterranean de John A. Consiglio, Juan Carlos Martinez Oliva et Gabriel Tortella aux éditions Ashgate (Routledge)

Le 18 mai 2016 à 17h37

Paru récemment Banking and Finance in the Mediterranean de John A. Consiglio, Juan Carlos Martinez Oliva et Gabriel Tortella aux éditions Ashgate (le catalogue Ashgate vient d’être racheté par les éditions Routledge), 2012, 352 p. ISBN : 9781409429845/9781409429852 Prix : 82,72 € (pour la version électronique, sur le site Amazon)

"This volume presents a panoramic picture of the many national and international trends and developments, factors, customs, and events that have characterised banking in the Mediterranean area over the past two centuries. During this period banking in the Mediterranean evolved distinct characteristics, several going well beyond the restricted realities of colonial relations. The range of issues covered by the book is extensive and includes both national banking evolution and pan-regional topics. The chapters touch upon various aspects of Iberian, Italian, French, Greek, Maltese, Moroccan, and Ottoman banking history, focusing particularly on issues relating to central banking, numismatics, archival recording, and pan-Mediterranean economic dynamics. The history of certain specific institutions is also considered, including the Imperial Ottoman Bank, The Ionian Bank, The Banque d’Etat du Maroc, and others.
Bringing together papers by leading banking and finance historians which were first presented at the European Association for Banking History conference held in Malta in June 2007, this volume offers an invaluable insight towards a wider and more detailed understanding of the roles of banking and finance in Mediterranean economic history. Seen in a context of what has hitherto been something of a historical vacuum in terms of the coverage of much writing on European banking and financial history, and the importance given to the Mediterranean region’s banking history in its own right, this is an innovative book that both contributes towards our knowledge the subject, and establishes a pattern for further work in this important area of European economic history."

John A. Consiglio, Ph.D., after a 42-year professional career in banking, now lectures on Banking Regulation and European Banking in the Faculty of
Economics, Management & Accountancy, and on European Banking in the European Documentation & Research Centre, of the University of Malta. His main research interests are in the areas of European banking, monetary history, and economics. He is the author of A History of Banking in Malta (Progress Press Co. Ltd.), Ekonomija ghal-Kulhadd – Economics for All (klabb kotba Maltin), Privatisation of Financial Services in the CEECs (UoM), Bank Soundness & Macroeconomic Policy in the EU CCs (Jean Monnet Study Series, University of Malta), and other articles in professional journals.
Juan Carlos Martínez Oliva is a Principal Director at the Research Department of the Bank of Italy. He was Visiting Professor at the universities of Roma, Genova, and Perugia, and Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. He was Economic Advisor to the Board of the International Monetary Fund. He is the author of many contributions in the fields of international economics and economic history. He has recently collaborated with the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance on the preparatory work for the G8 Summit Meeting at L’Aquila.
Gabriel Tortella (Ph.D. in Economics, University of Wisconsin, and Doctor in Law, Universidad Complutense, Madrid) is Professor of Economic History emeritus at the Universidad de Alcalá. He received the king Juan Carlos Economics Prize in 1994 and he has served as President of the International Economic History Association and the Spanish Economic History Association, and as Chairman of the Academic Council of the European Association for Banking History. He is a member of the Academia Europaea, London, and the Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea, Vienna. Among his many publications, recent books include The Development of Modern Spain (Cambridge Mass., 2000) ; The State, the Financial
System, and Economic Modernization
, with R. Sylla and R. Tilly (Cambridge, 1999) ; and Los Origenes del Siglo XXI (Madrid, 2005).

On signalera en outre l’ouvrage plus ancien (ayant donné lieu à compte rendu d’Hubert Bonin dans notre Outre-Mers. Revue d’histoire) de John A. Consiglio, A history of banking in Malta, 1506-2005, Valletta, Progress Press, 2006, 314 p. ISBN : 978-99909-3-092-9